Monday, July 21, 2014

My Tax Returns

These are all I have.  Sometimes I had no job or an under the table cash job.  My 2013 taxes are not yet done nor paid for...  I was a taxi driver that worked 100+ work weeks and made zero money.  Then I lost all my fuel receipts when I gave the taxi back.  So I shouldn't have to pay anything much but since I lost the receipts...

Thank you very much Mr. Romney.  You do know your stuff when it comes to this topic.  Thanks George! 

My Birth Certificate!

I guess it's official now.

The Horror: The Attacker & Harasser - Part 2 The Evidence

In this blog, which might need a few updates after the original posting as I am unable to locate every report among other stuff but for now this is a great start.

The emails start as direct emails to me right after I was attacked by Allen McCauley of Woodridge, IL Pamela Borra's boyfriend.  Pamela Borra being the birth mother of me Christopher Borra.  They both live together and issued an Order of Protection right after attacking me in late March of 2013.  All this is, is them violating it over and over again for months by harassing me.  No one, no cops or pigs have done anything about it, no court or public defender...   It's odd being the defendant and yet also the victim.

These emails are only in groups and are not in order by date, but it's all there.  This is how it started...
(They are printed since I was faxing these a few weeks ago as I'm still trying to get something done about it as I cannot prove anything for sure without a court issued subpoena.  If you cannot click the image for a bigger size I will provide alternate links in an update.)  This first one, I never sent to Paul.  I know of Paul from the Jimmy Dore Show in 2012.  Still I never sent this to him.

Then they started to plug my email address in email newsletters and such...

Like a loser brat child trying to troll me is not without it's mistakes...  What is this gold below?

IP Address wouldn't be linked to an address 69** Williams Drive, because if so they have an Order of Protection against me that they issued against me after attacking me as I went to call the cops when they entered my home uninvited to get me to say sorry for being upset at my family that constantly screws me and hinders my person growth and well-being.  This is the Original Order of Protection, but they got it extended for 2 years.  Until April 2015...

Why is it important that the courts or anyone look into this?  I was violated by my family, and they abused the legal system to do it.  I'll explain in due time.  The thing is, if I violated this OOP I would be in jail for months to a year maybe longer but it's okay for them to violate it.  Below is all the free information I can find on that IP address.

Just 2 miles away from the actual location.  Orland Park naturally doesn't do shit for me...  if I get attacked in my own home help my family issue an OOP against me or if someone violates an OOP they issued against me, that's cool also!  Downers Grove and Westmont PD were also useless and had no nothing reports which I do not have currently.  Below is the usual treatment I get...

Nothing further at this time, you fucking piece of shit pigs!  Someone can attack me in my own home when I go to call your pig asses, or break an OOP clearly... do nothing as fucking usual.  I have lots of stories to tell one day.  But in 2012 if my nearly brain dead grandma has a delusion about me shaking my fist at her, arrest me two days after the supposed fact, all on a hear-say.  Such selective police work doesn't earn any of them respect points.  I'm not a gun-nut either, I mean what do you think I am some cowardly bitch-ass cop?  I use words, always have and for me to be labeled as use because you always wanted to have a reason to fuck me...  You know, everyone can blame Orland Park pigs when I force all cops to wear cameras at all times, even when they shit....  I bet bullshit statements on police reports like resisting arrest when the person isn't would reduce as well after doing something like that.  Don't worry we'll censor the bathroom breaks.

If there is someone anyone out there that can help me figure out for sure where that IP comes from and where those emails got signed up at, my Jedi skills knows they can all be linked to 69** Williams drive 60517.  Once I get the proof, I can file a lawsuit against them as I would have the audio of them attacking me which the pigs also did nothing about... but arrest my ass two days later over a hear-say...  just wow...

Nothing at this time her-her...   fuck you pigs.  At least I have 15 minutes of your lame asses doing shit for me and I can prove you jumped at the chance to fuck me over a hear-say.  Such selective police work is bullshit.  Screw me on shit I never did and when people violate the law against me do nothing...  this has happened many times but it was the most hardcore when my family did it to me in 2012 and 2013.  

I don't want them to get away with all of it.  They should have to pay a price and the clock is ticking...   Can anyone help with this?  

You can keep most of the suit money!  I would like 1/5 but I'll settle for a few hundred for some cigarettes and weed.  I live in Colorado now.

If any law en-fucking-forcement wants to do their damn jobs, well you'll be my hero in this part of my story but also if I somehow succeed, I can totally throw in a good word or four at the FBI or CIA or SS or something you're interested in if you ever wanna step it up to the Pro's one day.

Help me win this war.  Anyone? being ultra poor at times.

Take care America!

My GoFundMe to send this police department some pepto bismol. -

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Horror: The Attacker & Harasser – Part 1

The Horror: The Attacker & Harasser – Part 1

I am not going to start from the beginning here but I will one day get to it. Right now I wanted to explain part of what happen in 2013 and sort of continues till this day.

After my family sent me to jail in 2012 for stuff I never did (which I will get into later), but I explain it now because that made me upset like it would most people. So I was a bit pissy with my family, so one day in March of 2013 they decided to come over to my home uninvited as my mom had a key to the place and they ended up attacking me when I went to call the police. I manage to record most of the attack, but I did miss the first 30 seconds or so. Listen to it here -

After attacking me in my own home preventing me from calling the cops, demanding me to say sorry to them. Which they never got. Days later the issues and Order of Protection against me my mom has power of attorney over my Grandma which I was living with and she wasn't home since she was recovering from the stroke that I saved her life from in a nursing home. So it was just me and they once more made me homeless, and yes you read that all correctly. They attacked me then issued an Order of Protection. Cops didn't press charges for attacking me but they'll gladly storm my bedroom in 2012 on a hear-say that I shook my fist at someone.

Now! I was getting harassing emails from three different email addresses.:

This harasser started to send me direct harassing emails to my email with bible verses. He later started to sign me up to email newsletters which normally send you a confirmation email to the email you used. In a few of those I get an IP address and it's always the same one:

I will provide the emails in the next post, or perhaps an addition to this one. The harasser started right after I was attacked and although a couple days went by before it was issued, after it was issued they cannot make contact with me and I know it's my family. The free searches on the IP address put it's about 2 miles from 69** Williams Drive in Woodridge, IL 60517 an address that has an Order of Protection against me. Another clue it's my family is they sent me a lot of personal information in a few of the harassing emails. Information that only my family or the NSA can know.

I went to three different police stations and I will be releasing those reports, once I can find them all, in future posts to my blog or again maybe an addition to this one. None of the station did anything, although one station did call them up and ask if they were sending me harassing emails and they said no, which is a lie. If you listen to me being attacked, somewhere within that first 16 minutes my attacker says he'll lie to the cops to get out of what he's doing to me, and he did and he got away with it.

I hired a PI, and he just gave me free information I already found online by myself. I hired him in November and it wasn't until January or February that I started emailing him, WTF? So then he gave me some BS information, says it comes from a place on 83rd street. Well, I can look that shit up myself, but I need that address to match that IP. It shouldn't be that hard, but fearing for my own well being since no one was doing anything as I even information the courts I moved out of State thinking I can do something to solve who this online harasser is from afar, but no only Illinois cops can do what they'll never do for me and I need to use the Illinois courts.

I would love help if someone is near Chicago-land that can help me. I would need someone to show up to the Bridgeview District 5 Courthouse Room 204 on my behalf and get the court to issue a subpoena. I can fax or forward the emails.

Once I can prove it's them in violation of their own Order of Protection I would like to sue them. I would like to ask for 1/5 but if you want it all you can have it. Sue for about $50K or so.

I have the audio of me being attacked and cops not doing shit about it, plus I would have this violating of their own OOP for a suit. I would like the truth but also a little bit of justice to those that wronged me. Even if it's my own family. Leave my grandma out of it, this is my mothers doing and her fucked up boy friend. They should pay, for all my emotional distress they put me through.

So if anyone can help, please contact me.

I suspect they still stalk me online.  They removed the first recording of the attack since I used the full name in the video so I know they're watching.  They harassed me for a few months, from April to August of 2013 and the OOP is from April 2013 to April 2015.