Friday, August 22, 2014

For Vader! Donate here!

I'm seeking help since my neighbor Charles broke my car windshield on 8-21-2014 after I kicked his ass out of my car.  I learned he befriended me only to learn information to bitch at me to management about.  I overheard him a few times while waiting for the elevator.  He would come to me for help with rides, and a lot of free rides too.  But the last one I made sure he got me cigarettes and myself weed which I gave to a bunch of people homeless and a few residence where I live.  #ThanksCharles!

I recorded me kicking him out...

Less than 14 hours later my windshield is broken.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  He was trying to make me homeless with his betrayals, now I just got a job and he's trying to get me to lose it.  I do need my car for work.  Fuck this guy, Charles some 60-something bald black man that likely would of been that kind of black man that sold other blacks to the whites.  Like back in the day.  Anywho...

Hey Charles, Vader needs some oregano for his pasta sauce!

So let's do this not for me, but because Vader demands it.

Donate to help me broke ass replace my windshield.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About my Blog Here

There are many reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing now.  To start with I think it's very therapeutic to vent about past wrongs, and this stuff wasn't that long ago.  Also, I get tired of mentioning this story in small bits to people in person.  Like trying to explain all past and future Star Wars films in a minute or so.  I know I'll still have to answer questions about what happened and such, but I really feel all this will help me talk about it less.

I understand I need to talk about non-personal issues but first things is first.  I need to get this out in the coming weeks and months then I can move on to much bigger fish.

If you notice any odd errors with spelling or grammar please feel free to let me know.  I truly suck a proofing my own work, but I'm also better at so much more!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Horror: The Night I Got Attacked - Part 3

The night I was attacked it was one year nearly to the day I had four or five fucking heroes storm my bedroom on a hear-say two days after the alleged facts.  Yeah!  The pigs or "heroes" stormed my room on a hear-say that claimed I shook my fist at my grandma, which never happened but they wanted to fuck me so badly.

A quick example of that is...   I tend to go without any company for hundreds of days.  Yes, I use to live with my grandma but she was extremely depressing to be around.  I will get into living with grandma in a future blog post.  So being starved of having someone to chit-chat with I would tend to chit-chat with random people or people at work at places I use to visit often.  There was a Jewel Osco Gas Station on the corner of Wolf Rd and 179th St.  I would often go there to talk with the employees to help with my... sanity.  One night I was chit-chatting with an employee named Bob.  Then a pig pulled up and came in to use the bathroom.  I didn't notice the note he tossed the clerk but my Spidey sense did go off.  After the "hero" fucking left Bob informed me the pig tossed him a note about me.  Something like "Can I bust his ass for you?"

There was a few other interactions that happened right before Orland Park Pigs fucked my life up over shit I never did.  I was protesting lame-ass protests, pigs came to make me leave.  I had the word 'assholes' on my sign which they didn't like and was the reason they made me leave.  My sign read "Honk if you think these people are assholes."  There was another time I protested a lame-ass store Disc-Replay off of La Grange Rd.  When I was experimenting with ideas of how to win and get people on my side.  I thought and still think it's a winning tactic to get the ladies on my side first and the men will follow.  However, when I was testing out ideas and experimenting, I was in Disc-Replay to sell off old video game crap usually for gas and some smokes and I mentioned to this coupe I saw there "Better treat your woman right, otherwise I'm gonna have her call me."  Yeah, risking getting my ass kicked each time I said that to someone and I would say that nearly everywhere I went.  The idea did evolve into a more friendly version which was "You seem like a nice guy but let the bad dudes know that if they're not nice to their lady I'm gonna have them call me." Which got positive results from both people instead of just the lady.  Saying that to one couple in Disc-Replay got me banned.  So I protested the shit as I was upset and of course the Orland Park Pigs came to try and break up my shit.  It's like Orland Park Pigs where wishing for any reason to fuck me.  They found that reason as my family handed it to them in 2012.  I will blog about that in future posts.

As usual fucking pigs itching to get me for anything yet never helping me when someone breaks the law to abuse me.  People running me off the side of the road, Westmont Pigs would say be the bigger man.  The harassers even managed to get a ton of water in my car as they lived at a stop sign and I had a friend that lived by them.  Even using a garden hose.  So run me off the road dozens if not hundreds of times when I was a still a kid and hose down me and all my shit in the car when I stop at a stop sign. That's okay!  However after leaving my friends house I threw a dozen or so Pringles out of my passenger window on their lawn.  30 minutes later a Westmont Pig came over to my house and arrested me for disorderly conduct.

There was another time in Chicago I was at a club.  Club NEO and I called the bouncer an asshole as he was acting like one.  I was walking out the door as I said that, after being asked to leave.  He had no right to touch me but he did after I called him that.  Fucking goths claim to be hardcore but they're just as big of pussies as any other group.  So I got that attack on camera.  Finally evidence of someone doing something wrong to me.  Chicago Pigs, didn't even look at the footage.  Just listen to whatever made-up bullshit they told them and left.  Great, or something.

I have many other stories where people wrong me pigs selectively do their work to not punish the violator or go out of their way to fuck me.  This blog entry is about the night I got attacked and the P-I-G-S didn't do shit for me, as usual.  They only do their job when it comes to fucking me, and especially for shit I never did.

Now, being upset at my fucked up family for being sent to jail for shit I never did and having to confess to such things.  Yeah, I didn't have to confess to shit I never did but listening to all the negative people in jail made me think I was never going to get out unless I took a deal.  The day the pigs stormed my bedroom in 2012 they found weed on my desk.  Like 1 gram of weed and they were gloating about it...  However that charge was dropped and the made up bullshit stuck.  I did intend to change my plea as I had 30 days to do so, but I never remembered that 30 days thing in time.

I was short with my family and pissy with them.  I didn't take the shit out on my delusional grandma but on the people that manipulated her into fucking me.  Mainly my mom Pamela Borra, but there was my brother David Borra and my sister Nicole King.  All of them said nothing of me going to jail for shit I never did.  Hey, I was a pain in the ass when I was a kid so therefore I clearly did it.  That's the best reason I can come up with.  Till this day they have said nothing of me getting attacked and no one ever helped me.  None of them!  In fact my lame ass Uncle Ed Czupryna that runs a crappy company Honey Do Helpers, said to me I deserved everything that happened to me.  Ed along with his bitch wife Linda Czupryna, looked at some youtube videos of mine, which was me venting about shit and acting.  Sure I was only a couple months into it but hey apparently I have major mental issues.  People treating me like shit, usually always getting away with it and me being upset about that.  OMG!  I need "treatments"!  Like a blow job and whatnot.

You know, how dare I be upset about people doing wrong to me.  How dare!

So since my family never talks or wants to talk stuff out like mature adults I did a bit of venting to my mother.   I had left a few voicemails on her phone ranting about shit she did to me that held me back in some way.  I even mentioned at the end of the voicemails "If you wanna talk about any of these things I'm here..." or something like that.  Here are the voicemails -

So what was her response?  Well remember I was dealing with the Borra family (#TheBorraFamily) and since they're little bitches that don't talk about shit, they, my mom and her boy friend came over to my home uninvited on the 20th of March 2013.

Now, when one has five or so pigs storm their bedroom a year prior and fuck up my life label me shit I'm not, made me lose the love of my life and so on whenever I heard a noise around my place I would tend to freak out.  Maybe they're coming for me, was often my thoughts.  After a lifetime of people doing whatever they want to me and getting away with it, when I heard such noises I usually checked them out.  However, I would have a knife in hand or a taser.

I had just got back from shopping for some food at Jewel and since I don't pay attention to the phone much I didn't notice they tried calling.  I had some food in the oven and stove waiting for it to cook as I heard the backdoor unlock.  Which wasn't an odd noise, it was the backdoor unlocking!  Which freaked the shit out of me.  I picked up the taser!  Then I heard a voice say "It's just me." It was Pamela Borra so I set the taser down next to that knife and walked out into the hallway.  Allen McCauley her loser boyfriend was behind her and he started to yell and shout at me.  Since the back door was next to the bathroom and I just so happened to have a recorder in the bathroom, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door!  I located the recorder since this would be the ONLY WAY I COULD TELL MY SIDE of what was about to happen.

The recorder wasn't able to get Allen pounding on the door threatening to break it down and beat my ass, since the recorder was indeed new and it takes a few seconds to start recording unlike older recorder I had that started right away.  Plus being in the heat of the moment where two seconds feels like a dozen.

Everything you hear in this recording is everything that happen to me once I opened that door.  You know, me being that "bully" pigs so love to think of me as.  He started to shout at me as he got right in my face.  Like his nose touching mine as Allen McCauley jabbed me in the chest with his fingers.  Well since it was happening to me, that was fucking okay as you can hear the Orland Park Pigs do nothing for me.  I recorded them as well but not illegally, I told them "It's still going" as I removed it from my pocket.  They freaked too when I slowly, like super slowly went for it.  Of course, I'm always the problem never anyone else.

Here is the audio of me getting attacked -

I do have one with boosted audio if you checkout my youtube.

Now Allen McCauley's loser ass is assaulting me, which led me to turn my back to him and go to call the Orland Park Pigs.  That is when the assault turned into battery as his loser ass could take having someone turn his back to him.  His pounced on me choking me out.  I use to take a self defense class that had this thing we used to choke people out and run, we would at times practice on ourselves so I know what passing out is like.  You can barely hear me try to scream I can't breathe.  If I had my knife on me at the time Allen would of been stabbed.  I guess it's best I didn't since P-I-G-S only fuck me and never help me out, even when the other side is clearly wrong.

Now, my bitch-ass greedy mother Pamela Borra did seem like she showed concern.  She was like "Stop" "Stop it" talking to Allen not me.  Why would I fight when I should of been able to call the pigs to have those people removed from my home at very least.  I even mentioned it out loud that I was going to call the cops/pigs.

After nearly making me pass out from choking me, Allen McCauley assumed the rapist position on top of me for about 15 minutes.  Most of the time I'm asking to Allen McCauley to let me go, let me call the cops I eve remember shouting to my mo...Pamela Borra to call the cops but nothing.  Well I needed to say sorry first.  I know, such a major crime I committed, not saying sorry to a fucked up family that fucked me for shit I never did after a lifetime of being treated in much this same fashion.  I explain how people can get away with shit too, which gave Allen McCauley and Pamela Borra the idea they would likely get away with whatever they did to me... and I was right about that.

There is no fucking way people can listen to this audio in full and say I was in the wrong.

After about 10 or so minutes of not getting a sorry out of me, they decided to call the Orland Park Pigs.  You know, whoever calls first the pigs usually side with.  Of course just being traumatized I was never able to explain what happened like I just did.  Seeing pigs in uniform instantly puts me in a bad mood.  Seeing my family and just being attacked by them... and suffering from prior trauma, forced medications that made me not able to think all added up to me not being able to fully explain what the fuck happened.  

Here is the pig report for that night...

Thinking the Orland Park Pigs fucked me in 2012 two days after the alleged crime of me shaking my fist at someone.  So I called them back later that night in March 2013 after I was attacked after I was able to gather my thoughts and recovered a bit.

Of course they did nothing!  Doing their jobs.  No, not for me.  See how that works out for you pigs in the future.  You better hope I don't win because if I do, I'm gonna push from the first day till the last day.  All cameras on all pigs at all times, even in the bathroom!  Don't worry little piggy, we'll censor that part.  I'm just so worried about something bad happening to you when you take shit, but don't worry I'll get on that shit, one day.  To other cops/pigs at others stations, if you don't like such policy blame Orland Parks "finest", don't blame me.  Your words mean shit to me.  Anyone can make up bullshit on police reports.  Like how I was somehow resisting when they stormed me room.  In reality I hand my hands behind my back so fast, and even with my hands behind my back with them grabbing my wrists behind my back, they're still shouting "Hands behind you back!"  Like wow O.o fucking pigs.  I hope you understand why I call pigs pigs.

A lifetime of getting crapped on by everyone, even fucking pigs.

So in older blog posts I mention an order of protection.  Yeah, after they attacked me...because watch out I might get attacked!  Fucking pigs advised Pamela Borra of what legal bullshit they needed to do.  Helping the bad guys in the story.  Well there is a question, who is the worst gang around?  Fucking pigs are.

They laughed the day they served me with the order of protection.  They were next to the condo as I was in tears pulling away laughing.  I'll never forget that nor will I ever forget it.  Okay okay, maybe if I can fuck a few of your wives in the ass I would totally forgive ya pigs.

All involved in this report and others, will never be invited to the White House if I somehow succeed in just an election.  My personal win/win in all of this running for office one day, is no matter if I win or lose an election.  I'm able to put you assholes in the history books for a long long time.  Sure no reporter has checked this out yet, but I'm sure one day, days, weeks, months, or years from now someone will.  That is all I need to hold all of your bitch pig asses accountable.

For those that aren't pigs, whatever the fuck that is.  I think they only exists on TV shows and movies but whoever helps me can be my real hero and your legacy will be much better than that of a cowardly bitch-ass pig.

I moved away from Illinois mainly in fear for my life.  The Borra family can send me to jail for shit I never did and getting me to stupidly confess to it, they can even come into my home and attack me and get away with it, they can clearly violate an order of protection they served against me...  but if someone makes up some bullshit...

OKAY AMERICA!  How can you fuck the Presifundent?  Make up some bullshit, say I raped you or whatever and call the pigs.  That is how you can fuck me.

My brother-in-law James King tried breaking my neck many years ago.  He had his arm around my neck in a choking head lock hold screaming he'll murder me and he'll break my neck.  He spent one day in jail and I even asked for him to get mental health treatments, but he wasn't forced.  I mean, when it comes to attacking me, that's fine!

My delusional grandma had a delusion that my good Uncle tried to strangle her.  He got a restraining order.  He didn't do it.  Betty DeMarchi has mental issues that will never be solved in her lifetime.

Allen McCauley & Pamela Borra can come into my home uninvited attack me and nothing will happen to them.

Someone says I shook my fist at them.  This is what I got...

I was able to get my best friend back, my kitty-cat!  :3  So cross one off that list I made in the video.  

Betty, my grandma wasn't home at the time I was attacked since she was out in a nursing home recovering from a stroke and fall she had.  I saved her from the stroke but in those final days I notice my mom tried to keep me and my grandma from seeing each other.  Which was at the time sort of okay with me since it was grandma that had a delusion in the first place, I didn't want to be around her that much.  Who knows when the next delusion will occur.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Tax Returns

These are all I have.  Sometimes I had no job or an under the table cash job.  My 2013 taxes are not yet done nor paid for...  I was a taxi driver that worked 100+ work weeks and made zero money.  Then I lost all my fuel receipts when I gave the taxi back.  So I shouldn't have to pay anything much but since I lost the receipts...

Thank you very much Mr. Romney.  You do know your stuff when it comes to this topic.  Thanks George! 

My Birth Certificate!

I guess it's official now.