Friday, December 25, 2015

Kitten with 3 broken bones.

Someone sat on this kitten by mistake and caused 3 broken bones.  I'm poor and so are the owners of this kitten.  I'm doing all I can to help this poor guy out.  Anything helps, money wise.

Thank you,
Christopher Borra

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Please Standby...

I was just in jail for 284 days for shit I never did.  I'll get into details later.  Last week tonight did a few good shows on such matters.  I had an over worked public defender:

And I was too poor to bond out so keep me in jail for nearly 10 months to figure out if I had a right to defend and hit my attacker just, once, yes one time.  I lost all my property.

As I said I'll get into details later.  It hasn't even been a month since I beat my unjust case.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Atheist Experience Experience

Going back a couple years in 2011 and early 2012, I was going through a rough time in my life. I was a fan at the time since 2007, when their show looked like it was filmed in the 80's in some basement. I've learned a lot of good things and getting shit for being an atheist it was comforting to know I wasn't alone. I wasn't alone with how I saw the world around me and thought.

Since I've been a fan of the show for so long I've pondered calling them over the years. Some of the worst years was 2007-2010 where I pretty much spent that entire time alone. But just being lonely was never a good reason to make a call into the show.

So jumping back to 2011-12 things are getting a bit worse for me and it seems I had what some may refer to a nervous breakdown. There was one day I talked into a recorder I had about everything that bugged me, and wrongs did to me by others. I killed the batteries twice and must of talked for 14 hours or so. I didn't really have anyone to talk with so call it what you will.

Trying to get my life in order one piece at a time in 2011-2012. I had quit smoking cigarettes. I was on much needed anti-depressants in early 2012. I tried so long to do it on my own and finally gave into a drug to help with that. I was even working out and found myself a nice lady to drive me to whatever ends.

I understand I wasn't perfect but I knew I was on the right path. So one day in early 2012 dealing with my family's bullshit drama I have a jokingly idea, how about run for President of the US to make the world a better place, and I bet my family will still think ill of me. It all started as a joke. To mainly prove not even my family helps me with shit, and they proved it a few weeks later. But before my family fucked me, the atheist experience show shit on me for pretty much no reason.

After I started to get negative responses from my family I decided to turn to that call-in show, TAE. A show I've listened to for years and never had a reason to call, but now I sort of did. I knew politics wasn't their main cup of tea but I was just going to ask general questions about the problems of an atheist running from President. Which they have briefly talked about in past shows from time to time.

Of course spending so much time alone and with no other like-minded brain to pick at... well my 7 or so page message to Dillahunty through facebook might of seemed a bit much. Hey, I got a lot of shit to get off my chest and still no one in my life to help with anything. Well, no one I want in my life that is there, just the usual people that pretend to be a friend to get shit out of ya. I don't recall ever saying I wanted to harm myself in the message I sent to him that I still haven't re-read. I know I bitched about the usual... people treating me poorly and getting away with it always and of course I ranted about running for President. Just tossing around a few ideas and he could of taken a section or an idea to talk a bit more about.

However, this is not the result I got when I called in one day. Apparently Matt Dillahunty wasn't hosting the show that day I called in, but that didn't stop him from calling his friends at the show to have them hangup on me. For real. It was just to toss a few ideas around and state the major problem for people like me wanting to go into public service. I mean, I've seen... or heard real nuts on the show so I was a bit perplexed.

I was also extremely mad. Shit like that happens to me all the time and it really pisses me off so I sent Matt another facebook message asking him to say sorry, and I gave my house number. Oddly he did call but I was out of the house at the time taking care of my grandma which was just a few weeks away from being manipulated by my fucked up family to fuck me for shit I never did.

I didn't know he called and oddly I noticed people following me around the neighborhood. One guy in a red truck. I took a picture might I will add in this post at some point. Now, before this TAE shit I was going around town protesting protests. Like stupid ass shit, and I would have a sign that would say honk if you think these people are assholes. Plus I tried doing my President thing as a few corners. Most of the time someone made up some bullshit and tried to get me in trouble. One time it was my bad for having asshole on the sign... point is the cops were itching to fuck me for something then Dillahunty added more shit on to that.

I can't remember how long I was followed around but at least for one day, maybe three. So when I failed to answer the phone when he called me to what I assume was to say sorry or whatever, that led to him calling the pigs on me for a “wellness check”, which led to me being stalked, which added a shitty gut feeling the orland park pigs had about me. That guy with all the bumper stickers and a lot of them being atheistic statements, we have to fuck that guy is what I know they thought. I'm Jedi like that.

The Stalker I had cause of Dillahunty. We did talk
and he did give me a pen from a near by church.
Maybe I'll dig it up one day, but after taking this
photo I went inside then looked back where I took
this picture, and he was talking to some cops and
then I got a knock on my door and it was Orland
Park Pigs doing a wellness check for wanting to
be President.  Not that I am, nor did I say I want
to harm myself or others, just make the world a
better place is the basic goal.

I knew I was being watched because I'm Jedi like that.

Just a couple weeks later my family had me fucked for jabbing my own shoulder in front of my grandma, but since saw it as me shaking my fist at her. The pigs had their reason to fuck me. Given to them by my family that knew of all the past shit I have yet to get into on this blog. A family that clearly never really cared or ever supported me. What kind of support am I use to? I say this often and I have been saying this for years. “It's like asking for a ride 10 miles north, but I get driven 14 miles south instead.”

When that happened I was in a bit of shock and I stopped the President shit for many months as I was homeless. I did oddly get a will to do such things even more after being fucked. What was once a joke, turned into something else. Even the hate from my own house, the atheist house is shit I'll gladly call out.

How the fuck are you gonna call the pigs on me for a wellness check when I want to run for President of the US? What kind of fucked up logic is that? This also proves my point that I really do get no support. I wanted to call in the show and get a bit of exposure. Who knows maybe there was one person willing to help me. I can't say for sure but what I can say for sure is I was treated really poorly for wanting to be President. I've had my life destroyed by my fucked up family and pigs and shitty religious people that at times are my boss to even atheists.

Their lame asses at TAE passed around a video of mine that I did on the first take and decided not to go with it but I did make it unlisted with a link to it from the second better take I did. Using that selective bias bullshit... taking a shit video of mine but I release anyways, ya know for practice. Gotta get it somewhere, and they pass that around like mad as it has over twice as many hits than the public second version.

At the time, the first try video was unlisted.  The only link to it is in the 
public video which was my second try.  I added the first try because I 
could and why not be open.  So if the only link is in the public video with
less views I can only draw the conclusion they passed the link around and targeted the
shitty bonus version I added to my better version.  Just wow, they are so pathetic.

Cherry picking losers!  I've since made the video private until people stop acting
like little bitches to me.

There is other shit too as I called back in 2013 only to be hung up on. Good! Saves me an hour at least a week of my life. I'm not as insecure about my atheism either. I did learn some good things but just the way I was treated... “Hey, I wanna be President.” So they call 911 and sick pigs on me. Just wow... I do get extremely tired of the mistreatment others constantly give to me.

So right before my family fucks me, and fucks me harder than anyone ever could these people I once looked up to shit on me for what seemed no reason. In fact they still haven't given me a reason till this day, and in my books that's more than enough time. I was going to bring them in on the President shit. I would have a Cabinet to fill and I don't know what kind of peanut butter and jelly to get. Now, they can go fuck themselves. I prefer kind Christians over hate-filled atheists.

Duh I'm not perfect today! That is the whole fucking point about coming out now. HELLO! I'm not perfect today but with the right amount of help I might. But I don't get help ever do I? I get less than help. Like a negative or anti-help.

Hopefully TYT doesn't act like TAE, or else I'll have to find nicer people.   

..and who knows with all the push back I'm getting just makes me want to do it more.  Maybe it could of not happened any other way... if I win somehow.  But nothing ever happens if you don't first try.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

There and Gone

Before I get into what this post is really about, I need to delve into my past a bit. I haven't had many lady-lovers or girlfriends in my life. I can count the amount of people I've slept with with my hands, but this isn't all about sex. It's about how a few women made me feel.

My first girlfriend was back in the 90's. I was 17 if I remember correctly. I tried to date her a year or two prior. One of those stupid mistakes we all make when we're young n' dumb, n' full of... When I was 15 I gave her a note in class that pretty much said let's fuck. I sort of got in trouble for that and her family hated me since after that. Odd how I was to date her for a year. It was a fun ride and I made my fair share of mistakes.

Within a few years after breaking up with my first I found what would be the best lover-lady I had. Jeni Porter, as she calls herself now-in-days, I knew her as Jenny with a Y but that was too lesbian or something. Jeni and I dated for a year and a half and saw one another for a while after the break up. This was in 2000-2001. With Jeni, I would of taken the only vacation that didn't suck. Tennessee was very fun indeed. I can go into more detail, but she was nice to me back then and I was nice to her. I did end up screwing it up and I broke up with her. I mainly wanted to fuck other people, and later learned I'm a poly, but at the time I was too much of a pussy to talk to her about it. At least I broke up with her to try to fuck other ladies... but if I had stayed with her things might of turned out better, odd as reality is.

After we parted ways I would go through a decade of being alone. Fake-ass people from one group of assholes to another. Although I was going through a sort of hell for more than a decade after we broke up, I did do some creative shit. I won't mention it all but I did get into dancing. It was really fun but also helped with my depression and constant solitude I would find myself in for hundreds of days at times. It's not like I didn't try to meet people, but us nice poor boys tend to finish last.

It wasn't until 2011-12 that I met this awesome chick. She was the woman of my dreams. All I wanted to do was be nice to her, help her out with whatever she needed, and have a fucking good time with multiple times. We couldn't keep our eyes off one another. Although she did have mental issues, I didn't hold that against her. She was a paranoid schizo, which later when I told my family about her they acted as if I was just making a mistake. Her issues didn't help though. She thought I was fucked up for wanting to be President of the US one day.

As usual, I screwed shit up and got into a stupid ass fight partly or mostly over sex toys. I might of called out a name like bitch or asshole. I know, never talk with me again over that horrid shit while all sorts of worse people get so much forgiveness. “Hey, the pig had to shoot the 12-year-old... Well, it was just rape... let's forgive those people!” So yeah, we got into a small fight and then BOOM!... I had my life destroyed by my family.

Sent to jail for shit I never did, and thrown into homelessness by a family that was trying to “help” me when I was making improvements in my life. Aside from this perfect creature that I miss so much Andrea, I did much to help my life get better. I had quit smoking in 2011, but I didn't hate other smokers. In fact I enjoy the smell of smoke and Andrea was a smoker. I had gotten on much needed anti-depressants. I've tried for years to do it myself. No more and I started taking meds I needed.

However, when one goes to jail for shit they never did and punished up the ass for the hear-say crime of me shaking my fist at someone. I was jabbing my shoulder looking for $10-$20 in gas to go to the ER. My overly-dramatic grandma threw $140 at my poor ass so I took it. They threw that in with the charge.

Anywho, I was going through hell before all that. I felt good for a few months to make major changes in my life and shit seemed to be coming together. Then it was all gone. I was even forced to take mental health treatments by the courts, but not for shit I have... for shit I didn't have. Which of course caused issues. Made me want to kill myself everyday for that year I was on those shitty ass meds I don't fucking need. I couldn't of course say that at the time, and I really didn't want to kill myself it just made me feel that way. And everyone was like, problem solved. For reals.

I tend to repeat the story of my horror. How my family sent me to jail for shit I never did and how I lost a bunch of shit. Well, I lost the chance to peruse Andrea a bit further. If I had not gone to jail and made homeless for months afterwords, could I of repaired it? I like to think so.

I swear I saw her at the last place I went to to try to fix the false diagnosis. I checked myself into John Madden in Cook County after my family attacked me in 2013, got away with it, and then made me homeless. There was a Loyala Medical center next to Madden's, I went to first. In the ER there I swear I saw someone that looked just like her. She lived in Cook County as well and with her issue maybe it was for real. Sadly I screwed up again and never spoke with her. I thought it was too good to be true. Plus I was still upset from being attacked and no one doing anything about it and being made homeless with zero support. I was crying in the ER room for most of the time holding and looking at a picture of her. This person that looked like her kept sitting on a seat near my room to look at me. Her body language told me it was her. Even though she did recently answer me a question about that in an internet message. She said it wasn't her... and to get over it.

Sucks, but that is life. I was just so into her and I was a bit fucked up at the time. I even kissed too fast it's been so long for me. Maybe I should of practiced with my hand like back in my school years. She made me feel good, without all that sex shit. She was a butt girl and I'm a butt kind of guy. We loved the same music and... she made me want to be better than I was back then. A drive. A drive I had for a bit then poof, gone.

I never met anyone more beautiful than her. My Andrea. A flicker of light in my dimmed life. I still dream about her. She of course was my dream girl and I don't think I'll ever be attracted to someone so much like her ever again. It was such an extreme and rare attraction. For me at least.

I miss Andrea. I miss you so much.  A lady I would love to make a sandwich for everyday of my life.  She's more than welcome to come back into my life whenever.  

She looks like she is hugging in this photo I have.  :3
I miss her a lot and forever will.

Please be kind and let me know if I made a typo or a mistake somewhere.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Homeless I Helped

I guess it's about time for me to talk of the homeless people I helped out since I moved here.  I would like to say that I stopped since getting a warning from my landlord.

Well when I first moved here I head to the store to pick up a few things.  I first helped this chick Misty Mae Perry...

That night I offer her help with shelter, she begs me to help other.

The second person I helped that night was someone called Zim.  He only spent one night here and I've seen him around from time to time.  I think in August of 2014 he finally got a roof over his head.

So I'm still helping Misty and I sort of digged her.  The most extreme offers I made was that of cuddles/cuddling.  LOL, she said she'll find someone to cuddle with me.  I'll get back to that later.

She ended up bringing over this other guy named Kevin Robert Phelps...

Of course she ends up cuddling with him...  which sort of bothered me since it's been hundreds of days for me and go figure, "karma".  At the time I had extra cash on me and I would at times take people out to eat which is a luxury I am rarely awarded and I would share my smokes with them and also give money to run to the thrift store.  Kevin ended up "losing" $80 I gave him, since I didn't have a red card when I first got here I got ass-raped by people totally ripping me off.  He even stole weed from me as I noticed him by my desk a few times where I usually keep it.

Later Misty brings over this chick Danielle H...

So since she said she'll bring someone over to cuddle with I got excited.  However Dani had an odd story about how she was recently kidnapped by her ex I think and raped.  So pushing cuddles on her might of been too much so I didn't.  

I was helping those three people at one time for weeks/months.  Kevin disappeared, likely got arrested for trying to steal shit.  He would talk about shit like that all the time.  Misty I learned was a meth-head and a major tweak, she ended up bailing on me to stay at a nicer place.  So it was just Dani and I.  One night they did head out somewhere, Misty and Dani and when they didn't return the following day I was extremely worried, the story of her being kidnapped.  I was a bit pissed off since I had to deal with the pigs or try to deal with them.  Never telling me I need their birthdays to file a missing person.  They left on a Saturday and they didn't get in touch with me until Monday but I was texting shit like I'm gonna file a missing person...

I made a mistake and I was super pissed off of how they didn't have the kindness to give me the peace of mind and inform me.  Still mostly my fault I ended up kicking Dani out saying how I couldn't deal with the drama.

The fifth person I helped out was Marcus Bryant.  I had a craigslist ad offering help to others in need.  I would of course charge $50 a week whenever you can pay for it and replace what you use, plus other shit like how this is not a party place.  After a week of helping him and this is in the dead of winter he says he has a friend that needs help.  She I pick up this other chick, Sandy Bailey at a 7-11...

Marcus had a job and he needed to wait until he got paid before he can pay me.  So the coming second or third week, that Friday was payday for him, and so he disappears on Thursday.  Another person with a meth issue as I later saw him and he said he had a friend in need that was hooked on meth and she needed help.  I thought to myself BS!  He was gone and made no contact for like over a month!

Sandy had a meth issue as well.  She text me "I'm gonna get you spun" and my first thoughts was like, omg is she bringing someone over to cuddle with?!  But then I used the internet to learn what spun means and of course it a term used by meth-heads.  Ugggg.  She even broke my laptop I let homeless people use to look for work or be entertained.  She would drink often and throw up every night she was here.  At the end when I said she couldn't stay here anymore she threatened to go to my landlord about me helping others and blamed her falling on my laptop breaking the screen on me!  Fucking cunt!

I also ended up helping this person Joey for a short week during my time helping Marcus and mostly Sandy.  I carried her for almost two months and she didn't pay me shit... in da winter.  Joey was pretty much the only person that gave me %100 of what I asked for.

Now, I also offered a place to shower or cook something.  I've had a few people other for that, Dan, Liz, and three others, I can't remember their names.

I helped out this nice couple for a few days, Joe and Trisha, I might be mistaken on the ladies name.  They got me some food for helping them which was nice of them.  Also there was this guy names Dominic that stayed one day here and paid me $80 for it.  O.o  

Then there was this older guy name Gary Griego.  He was here for 6 weeks, but he only paid me $150.  I learned he had a cocaine problem and I was going to kick him out when he paid me for the week but he left the day before he usually pays me.  

I had a bed beg issue at that time and maybe he was the cause of it all.  Thankfully I was paranoid enough to keep them contained to just my apartment but after a few days of mass-vacuuming I would notice them making a new nest.  Grrrr, so I had the place bombed and haven't seen one since.  

I did help out a few other people after the bed bugs but I had new rules.  Like putting your shit in bags and out on the balcony.

I had sent out a few messages to a few people looking for help.  Normally people don't reply so I sent out a few, but they all replied.  Two couples at once, oh my.  One couple I said can really only stay a short while, like days.  That was Jeremy and Christa as they showed up after John and Ashley showed up.  John and Ashley had a kid on the way.

Now about Jeremy and Christa, they tried to shoplift at a store across the street of where I live, and I even mentioned something about not going there to cause trouble as I was trying to get a job there.  They did it the last day there were allowed to stay here.

Johnathon Michael Field and Ashley Nokole Michl were made homeless because they got caught having sex and so like good Christian family they kick them out of their lives, because family values or whatever.  Of course they got more action in my place, everyone has.  They bailed on me on the second week and I pretty much left them alone to fuck like monkeys all the time in a massive walk-in closet.  So I don't know what the problem was.  I said I was relying on them to help me pay an electric disconnect bill of $50 and at that time I charge people $60 a week.  So they bailed but I usually always have a plan and figure that bill stuff out.

Misty did show up and I forget if it was before or after the two couples.  She said she got off meth and was trying to better herself.  She also was feeling me up that day she came back.  But then we couldn't fuck because she didn't have cocaine...  she stay a couple days and even tried to cuddle with me but would tweak out and scream "DON'T TOUCH ME!" when I wasn't feeling her up, it was like my head on the side of her head and then she would a second or two after yelling at me would say "Sorry, sorry!"  Just grrrrr, and yeah two days of what felt like black-balls.  Then she disappeared and I haven't seen her since and I can careless at this point.

I stopped helping people in July and since I have felt a bit better.  Having odd people around all the time sort of makes me feel uncomfy.  Which is another reason why I would charge people to stay here.  At least give me money to buy smokes to deal with your presence...

I think that is about a dozen, a little more or a little less.  I haven't counted them all up.  

So yeah, I think I'll have to help people like that in other ways.  

We all make mistakes and sometimes I need to make the same mistake a few times just to be sure.  :p


This is my neighbor that was bitching about me constantly while also pretending to be my "friend"...  beware of Charles...  I saw him running from my car the night my windshield got bashed in and my tire fucked up.  He would talk shit about other neighbors of mine, so likely he talks shit about me.  The group of neighbors he gossips to act all weird around me.  Can't hide body language that easily...

Update:  I did also help this extremely annoying homeless person when I was helping Gary out.  Maryann Louis.  I only offered her a place to shower but she did stay a couple nights.  Almost everything she did bothered me, from not covering her coughs which a week later got me super sick, to of course smoking all my smokables.  Even when I was like this is your last cigarette she would pester me for more.  Even her sipping coffee was bothering to me.  Super loud and long sips... omg.  

Also when I stopped helping the homeless with shelter I also stopped helping others like Charles.  Charles got real mad too saying "I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!" then being the tricky bitch he is he did get me to help him a few more times.  People like this are no good.  He does seem to have people on his side where I live but what they seem to fail to realize that he'll turn on them in a heartbeat.  So again, people like Charles are no good.  I can't believe the fuck-tard still lives here.  Almost everyone I talk with here has a bad story about him and they wonder the same thing.  Everyone but the crowd he hangs out with.